Dr. Carol Clifton, PhD.

Licensed Psychologist, Author

CAROL CLIFTON, PH.D., a licensed psychologist in the Portland, Oregon area, has been treating trauma, depression, anxiety and working with couples for 30 years. She is the author of Unstumped! and the soon-to-be published book Escape the Control Trap which will help readers evaluate choices and make better decisions.

The first book, Unstumped! Think Through and Solve Almost Any Problem, is an easy reader for young children. The second book, Escape the Control Trap: The Secret to Serenity in Relationships, teaches adults how to think through their control issues and create happier relationships.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Clifton worked in magazine publishing and public relations with the National Safety Council, and in book publishing and advertising with NavPress. While at NavPress, she began working at a half-way house for troubled teens as a volunteer and then as a staff person. When she moved to Oregon, she taught journalism and writing at Warner Pacific College. She found herself counseling again and went on to earn her doctorate in clinical psychology.