Unstumped! the Book

Unstumped! the new problem-solving book by Carol Clifton, PhD is targeted to children ages 8-10.

Ever feel stumped, like you don’t know what to do? 

Unstumped! Think through and SOLVE almost any problem! 

Do your kids constantly badger you for ideas and things to do?

Here’s a strategy for teaching them how to think things through for themselves.

You will learn along with twins Josie and Josh how to use a decision tree to solve problems like their big brother Jake. Instead of asking your parents what to do, you can learn to think things through, brainstorm new ideas and then make decisions of your own. Find out how when you read Unstumped! by Carol Clifton, PhD



An entertaining and creative way to teach decision skills.


Michaele Dunlap, PsyD.


Unstumped! is a good teaching tool to enhance both cognitive and emotional development for young children.


Judith C. Colwell, PhD., MBA, Licensed Psychologist and President, Board of Directors, Daniel’s Heart Learning Centers, Inc.


We all get stumped. Dr. Clifton has provided an easy, fun way to get Unstumped! Pick up this book and both you and your children will be glad you did.


Steve Stephens, PhD. Author of 20 Rules and Tools for a Great Family and 20 other books