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June 30th – Friday, June 30th at 12:30pm EST/9:30 am PT Dr. Carol will be interviewed on the Ed Tyll Show to discuss A MAJOR topic for their listeners: “Bored Already? Get Kids in on Summer Decisions.” Karen, Executive Producer at Starcom, invited Dr. Carol to discuss this topic and using The Decision Tree, as well as her book live on the air. The Independent Starcom Radio Network features the Award Winning Ed Tyll Show daily on over 40 Local AM FM Stations across America with a longtime, passionately loyal listening audience. Tune in and listen to Dr. Carol across the country on Starcom Radio Stations
WAP AM 1620 Wappingers Falls, NY
WBC AM 1620 Beacon, NY
WWRN AM 1620 Bethlehem PA
KKRP AM 1610 Spiro OK
WGRL AM 1620 Fond du Lac WI
KMAZ AM 1320 Goldfield NV
KKGO AM 1320 Lancaster MN
WANF AM 1600 Mooers NY
WRUB FM 107.9 Menominee IL
KZAB FM 101.9 Northport WA
WGTM FM 83.9 Townsend TN
KPPA FM 89.9 Mindemines MO
KHXI FM 99.9 Cowlington OK
KPEA AM 1620 Poteau OK
KLAE FM 101.1 Marshland OR
KTAH FM 107.1 Francis UT
KLJS AM 1610 Eureka MT
WPAF AM 920 Eden WI
KABH AM 1170 Moyie Springs ID
WNIT AM 1620 Almena WI
KQBN AM 1320 Prescott IA
WDRQ AM 1620 Philo, OH
KBBN AM 1620 Glendale CO
WMIT AM 1330 Harbor Springs MI
WNFS AM 1610 Attapulgus GA
KBQN AM 540 St. John ND
WDRQ FM 88.1 Brookside OH
WMTT FM 89.7 Bayfield WI
WGI AM 1620 Grand Isle ME
WSBX AM 1620 Satellite Beach FL

July 5th – 8:00- 9:00 a.m., Saturday, on 105.9 FM in Detroit. Dr. Carol will be interviewed on The Senior Solution. After reading about Dr. Carol in the RTIR Newsletter, Producer Helen B. Love invited her to interview on keeping kids active during the summer months with her decision-making strategies. The Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) produces The Senior Solution – a weekly radio show that crosses the generations, and also includes a number of grandparents raising grandchildren. The Senior Solution is hosted by Paul Bridgewater, President & CEO, DAAA – and it has been on the air for over 15 years. It is a weekly, 60-minute, magazine-style radio show to address the needs and concerns of older adults, individuals with disabilities, caregivers, health and long-term care professionals and the grown children of aging parents. We look for features that complement our core programs – segments on nutrition, healthy aging, and senior independence. In many ways, the program is a laboratory for building the health, wellness and long-term care literacy of our audience — in addition to covering public policy issues and making a case for more consumer advocacy.


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